steirischer herbst ’99

Christine Frisinghelli

Festival dates

Curatorial team
Alexandra Foitl, Sabine Himmelsbach / Daniela Olotu-Goettfried, Peter Peer

Ruth Kümmel: netz_bedingung/net_condition. Exhibtion and Catalogue Kunst und globale Medien (Art and Global Media)

Sabine Achleitner: Re-Make/Re-Model, Van Dyke Parks

Martina Grohmann: mundräume.sendeflächen, Zur Physik der Kunst

Michael Sammer: Das Verlobungsfest im Feenreiche

Astrid Andrä, Karin Perchthaler: Project Assistants

“The investigations into repressed hegemonic demands and complicities of modernism, the difficult question as to the way we deal with the other and how we incorporate and exclude minorities, the emergence of hybrid identities and the disturbances of the body, reflection in the artwork as a product based on the division of labour and on the conditions of its production. Artists, whose works constituted the core and reason for this necessary reorientation over the years, have shown us one thing: the parameters of artistic expression must be redevised again and again depending on their circumstances. The profile of steirischer herbst, thus network that constantly needs to be remade, could only develop because it supported the fragile, fleeting existence of artistic work with its own precarious autonomy. The mutual estimation of all participants is an essential condition for this. These are net conditions that allow us to create a programme that sets complexity as quality, that intelligently pits itself against the pressure of the culture industry, and which co-authors what has not yet been laid down in its historical importance. A contemporary audience that insists on participating in constituting the works has a right to more than simple truths and prefabricated experiences. These are the realm of mass media and political interest.”
—Christine Frisinghelli (original booklet translation)

The second to last edition of steirischer herbst in the 20th century and the final one with Christine Frisinghelli as artistic director focused on current Internet Art and the avant-garde roots of the festival. In the exhibition netz_bedingung (net_condition), Peter Weibel examined the conditions that media, communication, and economies are subjected to by the electronic network. Christoph Gurk’s project Re-Make/Re-Model: Secret Histories of Art, Pop, Life, and the Avant-Gardewas linked to earlier events in the festival. It showed the new interest of artists and theorists in the long-discredited concept of the avant-garde, in the conditions underlying the creation and development of “minority” forms of expression, and their connection to performance art.

This included a first complete retrospective of the restored films of Jack Smith at the Schubert cinema; Dub Housing, a sound installation and photo exhibition on Afrofuturism and Afro-Diasporic pop cultures from London at Camera Austria; the project Billowy Sleeves from Chicago; and the sequence Cross Gender / Cross Genre by the Berlin group at Palais Attems, highlighting the period between 1966 and 1974. In this context Mike Kelley presented a lecture as part of his video installation Unisex Love Nest. There was also a symposium with Douglas Crimp, Terre Thaemlitz, Ultra-red, Mike Kelley, and others.

Ulrike Ottinger created the staging and stage set for Johann Nestroy’s magical farce Das Verlobungsfest im Feenreiche (The Engagement Party in Fairyland) at the Thalia theater, and William Kentridge, following his participation in Peter Weibel’s Inklusion : Exklusion (Inclusion : Exclusion) in 1996, returned to Graz with a solo exhibition at the Neue Galerie. One of the secret sensations of steirischer herbst ’99 was the opening concert by the “ingenious eclectic and wunderkind of pop music,” Van Dyke Parks, on the Kasematten stage (program booklet).



Art and Global Media



Norbert Brunner, Michael Schuster

Dea Loher

Friedl Kubelka / Gerhardt Moswitzer

Soo-Ja Kim / Jeannette Christensen

Festival opening

Kasematten Schlossbergbühne
Opening of steirischer herbst 99
Van Dyke Parks - Van Dyke Parks (electric piano, vocals), Grant Geissmann (guitar), Leland Sklat (bass)


AVL ART GATE, Schmiedgasse 36

Burg Oberkapfenberg

Böhler Gmbh. Mürzzuschlag

CCW, Cultur Centrum Wolkenstein, Stainach

Camera Austria

Edlacherhof, Mürzzuschlag

Galerie & Edition Artelier

Galerie Bleich-Rossi

Galerie Lendl

Galerie Schafschetzy

Grazer Congress

Grazer Kunstverein

ICC; Tokio

Kammermusiksaal (Grazer Kongress)


Kulturhaus Graz

Kulturstock 3, Pischelsdorf

Kulturzentrum Kapfenberg

Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten

Kunsthalle Feldbach

Kunsthaus Mürzzuschlag


Laßnitzhaus, Deutschlandsberg

Mecad, Barcelona

Musikschule Deutschlandsberg

Neue Galerie Graz

Oper Graz


Palais Attems

Palais Meran

Parkplatz Siemensstraße, Deutschlandsberg

Rasthaus Puntschuh, Pischelsdorf

Raum für Kunst, Peinlichgasse

Saal Steiermark (Grazer Congress)


Shopping Center West

Stefaniensaal (Grazer Kongress)



ZKM, Karlsruhe


studio ki, Burggasse 9


Program booklet of steirischer herbst 1999: steirischer herbst Veranstaltungsges.m.b.H., steirischer herbst 99 (Graz: steirischer herbst Veranstaltungsges.m.b.H., 1999)

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steirischer herbst Veranstaltungsges.m.b.H., mundräume. Sendeflächen. Dichtung aus den 90ern (Graz: steirischer herbst Veranstaltungsges.m.b.H., 1999)