steirischer herbst ’72

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Festival dates

This year, a scandal was caused by an experiment by the pool group, for which recreational clubs from Graz’s industrial firms were supposed to design a poster for steirischer herbst. The design selected by the photo club of the Puch plant showed a corpulent test driver in a leather jacket from behind, in the process of straightening his trousers. In connection with the slogan “Auf, zum steirischen herbst!” (Off to steirischer herbst!), the gesture was, however, reinterpreted as an act of exposure by opponents of steirischer herbst and the press and even provoked actual attacks, which once again aimed to denounce the event as a whole.

The fifth edition of musikprotokoll was coupled with the fiftieth Weltmusikfest der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Neue Musik (World Music Festival of the International Society for Contemporary Music, or IGNM)—an “honor” that was not uncontroversial, since musikprotokoll had intentionally set itself apart from customary music festivals from the very beginning with the choice of its name. The exhibition Österreichische Malerei 1972 (Austrian Painting 1972), with a total of seventy artists (including ten women), curated by Wilfried Skreiner, took place at the Künstlerhaus (following Österreichische Kunst 1970). However, rather than exploring issues such as a broader concept of painting, it focused on the discourse of the 1950s: figuration versus abstraction.


ignm world music festival
musikprotokoll 1972

visual arts

theatre ballet

6. Styrian national exhibition 1972

chanson cabaret caricature

Festival opening

7.10., 11 am
Opening by president Franz Jonas 


Aula der Hauptschule Weiz

Basilika Seckau

Festsaal der Stadtgemeinde

Forum Stadtpark

Ganggalerie im Rathaus

Haus der Jugend

Hotel Steirerhof

Joanneum, Ecksaal

Kongress Graz

Kulturhaus Graz




Neue Galerie Graz

Oper Graz


Palais Attems


Schauspielhaus Graz

Stefaniensaal (Grazer Kongress)


Program booklet of steirischer herbst 1972: steirischer herbst executive secretary's office, steirischer herbst ’72 (Off to steirischer herbst!)(Graz: steirischer herbst executive secretary's office, 1972)

Styrian state cultural department, 13. Steirische Akademie. Problem Bildung – Strukturen und Tendenzen (Graz: Styrian state cultural department, 1972)

Styrian state cultural department, Bildung. Katalog der 6. Steirischen Landesausstellung 1972. Problem Bildung – Strukturen und Tendenzen (Graz: Styrian state cultural department, 1972)

→  Available here

Styrian state cultural department, Steirische Akademie 1972. Thesen der Referenten (Graz: Styrian state cultural department, 1972)

Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, documenti sul trigon. Retrospettiva degli anni 1963-71 (Graz: 1972)

Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Werke der siebenten internationalen Malerwochen in der Steiermark (Graz: 1972)

Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, trigon-Personale 4. Vjenceslav Richter (Graz: 1972)

Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Österreichische Malerei 1972 (Graz: 1972)