International Festival
“The Theatre” - Seminar #4

Architectural intervention, Performance


HDA - Haus der Architektur Graz

steirischer herbst projects are more non-simultaneous and often more long-term than the dynamics of the festival would suggest: "The Theatre" is one such project, being already well underway but one which will not result in a visible and still only preliminary artistic result until 2007. "The Theatre" is an attempt to re-stage theatre. In 2007, finally, "The Theatre" will emerge as a life-sized theatre building - albeit as a performance and with the usual performance budget. The building will then go on tour as a performance.

The development of "The Theatre" has been accompanied by meetings of architects, performers, choreographs and theorists from several European countries since the beginning of the year. Nothing is pre-arranged, everything is negotiable: what is a theatre? What can performance and choreography be like outside of their conventional, binary terms of reference? How can architecture be understood not as an aesthetic object but as accumulations of activity? For "The Theatre", all kind of different strategies and materials are used, connecting and reconnecting things and contexts. Instead of thinking that changing something simply means doing the opposite, this work is all about changing the way things change.

After Stockholm, London and Berlin, the fourth of these working meetings is set to take place in the course of steirischer herbst 2006, which will ultimately lead to "The Theatre" in September 2007.

International Festival, founded by the architect Tor Lindstrand (S) and the choreographer and performer Mårten Spångberg (B/S), is an expansive network between performance and architecture. International Festival is a project that unerringly tracks down and fills the gaps in specific contexts, while at the same time acknowledging the heterogeneity of institutional systems with radical generosity.

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