Kurt Hentschläger



4.10., 19:30

Concept, realization: Kurt Hentschläger

Dom im Berg

Part of
musikprotokoll 2018

Production specifics
Commissioned by OK Offenes Kulturhaus Oberösterreich and CTM Festival. Realized in Graz by ORF musikprotokoll.

Kurt Hentschläger became known in 1991 with Granular-Synthesis, a duo founded in collaboration with Ulf Langheinrich. The artist, who was born in Linz and now lives in Chicago, studied under Peter Weibel, initially concerning himself with surreal machine objects before focusing on the interplay of animation, video, and sound. Perception and the human body are recurrent themes in his work. What can only just be perceived and how can the limits of perception be probed by means of art? SOL is an immersive installation which allows visitors to observe their own perceptions firsthand. An acoustic field consisting of field recordings and infra-bass samples is panned out in the Dom im Berg in Graz using a multichannel sound system. In pitch-darkness light patterns appear for the fraction of a second, causing the visitor to perceive an afterimage which interferes with the subsequent flash of light. SOL kicks off with an exclusive live performance by Kurt Hentschläger on Thursday October 4 and can be viewed as an installation on subsequent days.