Grätzelinitiative Margaretenbad

From BDM to Theresienstadt
National Socialism and the Women of Geidorf



Meeting place: Martha-Tausk-Park

With Brigitte Dorfer and Claudia Beiser


Parallel Program 2020

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Supported by steirischer herbst ’20

Since 2016, the Grätzelinitiative Margaretenbad has been organizing neighborhood walks for women in the district of Geidorf. Brigitte Dorfer, a historian and cofounder of FrauenStadtSpazieränge in Graz, has guided the Geidorf tours from the start, together with Claudia Beiser, a resident of Geidorf and organizer of the Grätzelinitiative.

We visit the homes and workplaces of women who have played a notable role in the cultural and social history of Geidorf. These women include politicians, artists, and others whose fate was indelibly altered by National Socialism in the mid-20th century. They actively took part in the new movement, joined the resistance, or went into (inner) emigration. Some of them were murdered as a result.

The walk explores the period from 1938 to 1945, looking at the impact of the fascist dictatorship on the lives of individual women. This encounter is at the same time a way of paying tribute to all that they accomplished.