Schauspielhaus Graz

Vernon Subutex Volumes 1 to 3



26.9.19, 1.10.19, 2.10.19, 9.10.19, 11.10.19, 19.10.19, 24.10.19, 7.11.19, 19:00


Parallel Program 2019

Production specifics
Director: Alexander Eisenach
Choreography: Alex Deutinger and Marta Navaridas
Stage design: Daniel Wollenzin
Costumes: Claudia Irro
Music: Benjamin Brachtel
Video: rocafilm
Dramaturgy: Karla Mäder

With Henriette Blumenau, Alex Deutinger, Beatrice Frey, Julia Gräfner, Maximiliane Haß, Fredrik Jan Hofmann, Florian Köhler, Katrija Lehmann, Nico Link, Raphael Muff, Marta Navaridas, Clemens Maria Riegler, Evamaria Salcher, Franz Solar, Anna Szandtner, Norbert Wally, Rudi Widerhofer, and Franz Xaver Zach

Translated from the French by Claudia Steinitz

As the owner of a record shop, Vernon Subutex had been a cool guy his entire life. But then came digitalization—and suddenly in his late forties he was broke. After the death of his friend, pop star Alex Bleach, who had paid his rent for a while, Vernon became homeless. For a while he stayed with former lovers, old friends, and new acquaintances, until he lost his “life insurance”: a recording of an interview with Alex Bleach shortly before his death that contains explosive details; very soon, various people want to track down and acquire it. That is just part one of the trilogy; in part two and three, the homeless protagonist becomes a figurehead of a utopian society that finds its salvation in music and dance. His merciless downfall becomes an ascent into the higher spheres of a new religion. Although her earlier books were considered punk, Virginie Despentes is now compared with Balzac. Her three-part best seller is considered a new opus magnum of contemporary literature, describing in both amusing and unsparing terms the deep cataclysms in culture, politics, and the economy over the last few decades. Despentes’s work is presented here by director Alexander Eisenach, known in Graz for his ability to turn expansive novels into striking images for the stage.