Qingmei Yao
Alienation. Who Finishes First?
Sculpter un billet de 100 euros



Discussion and walk with Qingmei Yao and Eva Brede: 21.9., 18:00


Part of
Parallel Program 2019

Production specifics
Artist: Qingmei Yao
Curated by Eva Brede

Production of the video Auction the 100 Euro, which is also part of the installation, was supported by Palais de Tokyo and Pavillon Blanc Henri Molina, Médiatèque | Centre d'art de Colomiers.

Supported by steirischer herbst ’19

In late 2018 kunstraum_8020 was founded in the 8020 district of Graz. As a project that experiments with the resources of time and space, kunstraum_8020 takes on different formats—also in terms of its orthography—as it occupies various places and non-places in urban space. Inspired by Walter Benjamin’s writings and his notion of the city-dweller, kunstraum_8020 explores the interfaces of pop culture and consumer culture as well as migration and tourism in the age of constant accessibility. Paris, which Benjamin called the “capital of the 19th century,” serves as the backdrop for Qingmei Yao’s Sculpter un billet de 100 euros. The work consists of four videos documenting the artist herself on the street, engaged in a public performance involving a one-hundred-euro bill, which she subsequently auctions off as a work of art. Already shown in Paris, this installation is presented in Graz as Alienation. Who Finishes First? in the neighborhood of Gries, which has been shaped substantially by immigration. The work engages with the public space surrounding a 19th-century tenement and within view of a pawnshop. The installation can be visited after dark on a number of evenings for just one hour, and the visit begins in front of a painted advertisement featuring a green clock tower with multiple eyes. Paris in Gries—bienvenue!