esc medien kunst labor

Distant Skies: Pressure Waves


Opening 22.9., 14:00
Finissage 16.11., 18:00


Collateral Program 2018

Production specifics
Curated by esc medien kunst labor

With Kathy Hinde, Daniel Skoglund

A coproduction of esc medien kunstlabor, kunst @ werk, ORF musikprotokoll

esc medien kunst labor realizes art projects that explore new media, technologies, and their social phenomena. Distant Skies: Pressure Waves by Kathy Hinde is based on the thematic link between nature and technology and taps into the utopian potential of the imaginary by means of fiction, fantasy, and poetry: the future becomes an open space of possibilities. Phase Transition is a sculptural acoustic installation in which the sound of the dripping water of melting ice cubes combines with metallic sounds to form pulsating, gliding tones. In the acoustic installation Palimpsest by Kathy Hinde and Daniel Skoglund spider-like robots generate sounds and noises that gel into a composition that is also to be presented “live” as a concert performance as part of musikprotokoll. In Flight is an installation of cyborg-like origami birds suspended from the ceiling that appear to soar away to distant worlds. “I aim to create work that generates a poetic and reflective audience experience that enriches an appreciation of the everyday, inviting a heightened awareness of the world around us combined with a sense of how we interact with each other, nature, technology and machine systems.” (Kathy Hinde, SHAPE Artist 2018)