Grupa Ee
Visual identity and space intervention

Space intervention / Commissioned work


Palais Attems

Production specifics
Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ’19

Sound based on scores by Hugo Wolf

Grupa Ee’s overall visual identity for this year’s steirischer herbst is at the intersection of design and art, and can be seen in printed matter, public space, and online as well as in the form of a light-projection installation in the entrance and stairwell of Palais Attems. The forms that repeat in all these media refer to the bourgeois aesthetics of the 19th century. Drawn from furniture ornaments and architecture from the time of the Biedermeier, these abstracted shapes hearken back to the era after the Napoleonic Wars, when a rising bourgeoisie turned its back on politics for the more enjoyable things in life. They simultaneously contain memories of Classicism, the art of the French Revolution. Grupa Ee’s installation superimposes these forms onto the Baroque architecture of the Palais Attems. Their uncanny ambiguity is reinforced by a present-day algorithmic recomposition of music by the late Romantic composer Hugo Wolf.