Bosaina / Ismael / Naa / Hussein Sherbini / $$$Tag$$$ / Zuli
Kairo is Koming



8.10.2016, ab 21:30
22:00 Bosaina (EG), Ismael (EG),NAA (EG), Hussein Sherbini (EG),$$$TAG$$$ (EG), Zuli (EG)

Orpheum Extra

club panamur

Kairo is coming to steirischer herbst, panning out some astonishing insights into the vibrant Egyptian club scene.

With a motto of “Kairo is Koming” – or just KIK for short – a collective of five male artists and one female artist export their version of electronic club music from the Egyptian capital. And with the founders of VENT – arguably the most experimental and exciting venue in Cairo’s night life – among their ranks, the six have ample experience with clubs.

In the face of authoritarian influence, VENT was a musically and politically unique oasis, an almost utopian meeting place of the Egyptian underground. The insights afforded by “Kairo is Koming” show that the Egyptian scene is more open, interesting and networked than ever before. The six have made a name for themselves with recordings on internationally acclaimed labels including Opal Tapes and Kitsuné, and also run a professional music academy. “Kairo is Koming” is part of a global club and music culture where constant exchange of ideas successfully transcends cultural and political boundaries.

The collective live shows of $$$Tag$$$, Bosaina, Hussein Sherbini, Zuli, Naa and Ismael are based on a progressive draft of electronic live club music that defies Western, commercial expectations of Oriental music.

Ensemble / Gruppe / Band: Kairo is Koming
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Musikerin / Musiker: Sherbini Hussein
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Musikerin / Musiker: Zuli
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