Aïsha Devi / Dis Fig



7.10.2016, ab 21:30
22:00 Aïsha Devi, live/visuals (CH)Anschließend Dis Fig (DE/US)

Orpheum Extra

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club panamur

Orient and Occident meet in the personality of Aïsha Devi. The Nepalese Swiss singer let us hear her intense vocals, before New Yorker Dis Fig contrasts street culture with digital aesthetic.


Anyone who wants to penetrate the music of Swiss Aïsha Devi must look into her family history. Her debut album “Of Matter and Spirit” is named after a book written by her grandfather, a physicist who worked on the CERN project, although her family roots are in Nepal and Tibet. Devi brings the poles of Western technology and Far Eastern spirituality together in her music. The classically trained singer indulges in an intense metamorphosis, with her rave shamanism taking her on a transcendent journey of dark beats, pulsating synthesisers and digitally manipulated vocal layers à la Grimes, The Knife and Björk. Devi is accompanied visually by the French artist Emile Barret, whose photography, alongside the collaboration with the Chinese performance artist Tianzhuo Chen, is an integral part of Devi’s fascinating look.

US-born Chinese artist Dis Fig has been crossing borders from the cradle. In her DJ sets she continues along this path, crossing the rough club sounds of Grime, Baile and Jersey with Rap and R&B, blending the sound of the street with a glossy digital aesthetic. A constant source of inspiration is her radio show “Call Dibs” dealing with experimental (de)constructions of international club music.

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