Kuenta i Tambu / Sarah Farina



24.9.2016, ab 21:30
22:00 Kuenta i Tambu, live (NL)Anschließend Sarah Farina, DJ (DE)

Orpheum Extra

club panamur

Production specifics
Projektförderer Performing Arts Fund NL

With hip bass music from Amsterdam and Berlin at the opening weekend of steirischer herbst, Kuenta i Tambu set the rhythm, Sarah Farina DJs.


Although the music of Kuenta i Tambu (“Stories and Drumming”) sounds as fresh as say M.I.A or Major Lazer, it actually dates back centuries, originally coming from the Caribbean island of Curaçao. The culture of Curaçao, first a Spanish then Dutch colony and centre of the slave trade, is predominantly African: The sound of Tambú is characteristic of the island, hence the Amsterdam band call what they create from this rhythmic legacy and the influences of current bass music and Dutch club culture Tambutronic. The quintet headed by founder and percussionist Roël Calister and charismatic singer Diamanta von Lieshdek inspire us with tropical beats and a high-octane live show between hip hop, electro and global bass.

Equally fascinated by bass music is Sarah Farina. Her expertise in Jungle, Hip Hop, UK funky and futuristic footwork with R’n’B quirks makes the Berlin-based artist currently one of the most sought-after and likeable DJs in a city whose gloomy technoculture she counters with cheerfulness and openness. Sarah Farina, they say, flashes positivity over even the darkest bass.

Ensemble / Gruppe / Band: Kuenta i Tambu
Musikerin / Musiker: Sarah Farina