Jörg Piringer

lime_lab 2

Radioshow, Out of Graz, Installation, Performance



6.10.2016, 14.10.2016 & 15.10.2016, 18:00

Forum Stadtpark


30.9.2016 & 1.10.2016, 14:00 – 18:00

Rathaus Leibnitz

8.10.2016, 9.10.2016, 14.10.2016 & 15.10.2016, 16:00 – 20:00

Kniely Haus Leutschach

On air

16.10.2016, 19:03

ORF Radio Steiermark
In deutscher Sprache

ORF Radio Steiermark, Kniely Haus Leutschach, Rathaus Leibnitz, Forum Stadtpark

Production specifics
Koproduktion steirischer herbst, Forum Stadtpark, ORF Steiermark, Literaturhaus Graz, Akademie Graz

Jörg Piringer, winner of the lime_lab 2016 competition, puts on his audibly tangible data costume, both as a performance and as a radio play.

lime_lab, founded in 2013 by steirischer herbst, Akademie Graz, Forum Stadtpark, Literaturhaus Graz and ORF Steiermark, sees its second instalment this year, with Vienna-based author Jörg Piringer submitting the most innovative concept for a radio play. A member of the institute for transacoustic research and the Vegetable Orchestra, Piringer works in the gaps between language, music, performance and poetic software. His data radio play and the interconnected data performance are all about – the author himself. That is, about myself. That is, about the self itself.

For a month this self – Jörg Piringer – sets out to collect as much information as possible about the way he thinks, communicates and works in an extended electronic data habitat, weaving collaged data selfies out of consciousness, body data, communication and other streams. In the radio play, a polyphonic data chorus in surround sound, listeners can take the standpoint of the self and try on its data costume for the duration of the piece.

In his performances at Forum Stadtpark, finally, Piringer takes on the facts and figures he has collected about himself in a dynamic typographic speech act, with masses of letters rushing down on him, trying to seduce him on stage, allowing the audience to grasp and experience current catchwords such as quantified self, big data, self-improvement and social networks.

Konzept / Idee: Jörg Piringer