Lara Almarcegui
Mineral Rights

Workshop / Animation, Symposium


Workshop 3 in englischer Sprache

Palais Attems

Part of
herbst-Akademie 2015

In her work, Lara Almarcegui often explores wastelands or unheeded places. In order to deepen her investigation of land – as a symbol of the past and a source of “building” – ?she now turns her attention to what lies below: “Mineral Rights: Acquisition of the mineral rights of an iron deposit” is an ongoing project in several countries in which Almarcegui tries to purchase land, not to extract minerals but to highlight how the territory is shaped at a geological level, and how it is broken down for exploitation. Looking back on the long history of mining and land ownership, the workshop investigates how rulers of different countries oppose the idea that individual citizens acquire rights to mineral resources. The workshop will also analyse the situation around Graz in depth. Various forms of landscape representation are investigated alongside this process. Lara Almarcegui is also participant of the herbst exhibition Hall of Half-Life.

Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Lara Almarcegui