Anna Peschke

Out of Graz, Event / Action / Happening / Party / Walk / Intervention, Installation


3.10.2015 & 4.10.2015, 16.10.2015 & 17.10.2015,

16:00 – 20:00

Raithaus Vordernberg

Production specifics
Auftragswerk steirischer herbst

steirischer herbst

Dramaturgie Martin Baasch

Produktion Jakob Schweighofer

Technische Leitung Karl Masten

Projektsponsor Holding Graz

In a wishful internal world full of plants and grasses, artist Anna Peschke offers protection from the outside world, inviting visitors to linger.

The Raithaus in Vordernberg was built in 1840 to house the newly founded Montanuniversität. Just a few years after opening, however, the university was enlarged and relocated to Leoben. The impressive building in Vordernberg and the adjoining garden remained – and still exist today.

The young German artist Anna Peschke focuses on this place not by way of its widely recounted history, but by way of its emptiness. On the first floor of the building – that affords a wonderful view of the garden – she creates “Ophiopogon”, a little universe with its own rules and laws that invites visitors to stay a while, to lie down on beds of grass, or to slow down the pace of life whilst leafing through herbaria. It is a beryl-green internal world full of plants and grasses, a wistful and out of this world place.

Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Anna Peschke
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Uwe Lehr
Musik: Sebastian Elikowski-Winkler