Marco Scotini
Disobedience archive (the free square cinema)

A film night by Marco Scotini

Film screening


A film night by Marco Scotini.
With Salma Shamel / Mosireen (ET) and films by Atelier d' Architecture Autogérée, Mitra Azar, Critical Art Ensemble, Department of Space and Land Reclamation, Ashley Hunt, Sara Ishaq, Mosireen, Bassel Shahade

Camp: Black Cube

Truth is concrete

The "Disobedience Archive" reveals the mediatised nature of history. It shows what corporate media conceal and takes back control of the violent expropriation of experience: producing history and therefore rendering it visible. History, considered as a problem of representational politics is at the centre of these films and videos that range from documentaries to counter-information, from film-essays to agit-prop cinema and from video-activism to grassroots community cinema.

Disobedience is not simply a sample of struggles and protests, but rather an archive of the imaginaries, of ways of living, of production, of looking, of learning and self-representation. The current No, the refusal to obey, contemporary dissent, does not propose a dialectic position in relation to power, but establishes itself as a force of creativity and experimentation: of languages, mechanisms and, ultimately, of subjectivities. The "Disobedience archive" has been on tour since 2005, it has grown step by step and has always been shown as an exhibition display.

The film night connects the "Disobedience archive" directly with Tahrir Cinema in Cairo which was set up as a makeshift cinema in 2011 by the Mosireen collective: a screen to show people films dealing with the ongoing revolution. A special programme, from the global protest in Seattle to the current insurrections in the Middle East and Arab world, with particular attention to Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Palestine.

Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Marco Scotini
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Salma Shamel
Regie: Atelier d´ Architecture Autogérée
Regie: Mitra Azar
Regie: Critical Art Ensemble
Regie: Department of Space and Land Reclamation
Regie: Marcelo Expósito
Regie: Ashley Hunt
Regie: Sara Ishaq
Regie: Mosireen
Regie: Bassel Shahade