Hack the jellyfish: How to mess with reality

Hosted by monochrom (A)

Multimedia project



Camp: Black Cube

Truth is concrete

Normality and reality are created within the structure of society. In a media-based society it is the signs and significants, the meanings and habits and conventions of speaking and thinking, the images and stereotypes which control everything. It is important to analyse how it is represented and of course what is not represented. It‘s not so much people like Rupert Murdoch that one should attack, but rather something one would call the cultural grammar of the public space (which consists of the media space as well as of streets, places and baseball stadiums). Power is formed within such a grammar. Access and non-access to each and every thing is regulated in its realm. Meanings are negotiated there. Good and evil are determined. Society is an ongoing process of rediscussing and remodelling its power structures. Power is more like a fluid, or a jellyfish, than a solid brick wall and you can play with it.

monochrom thinks that hackers, artists, technologists, activists, developers, players and other fellow nerds should leave their cosy peer groups and comfy in-scenes and exit their spaces of cultural incest and patting-each-others-shoulder and talk about what one can do to hack the jellyfish.

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