Opcion aka Ab Hinc, Bernhard Loibner & Didi Bruckmayr
Bent Spoke 2



Ex-Zollamt / Explosiv

Part of
Bent Spoke

Production specifics
Kuratiert von marufura fufunjiru (AT) & Peter Plessas (AT)

“Bent Spoke” is the name of a wondrous series of concerts, organised by marufura fufunjiru, label operator and musician and the musician Peter Plessas, presenting a broad range of fresh live music between free improvisation, experimental electronics and rock. On three Thursdays, autodidacts, self-proclaimed experts and non-university music individualists will meet up in Explosiv, regularly rising above themselves. The event kicks off with the all-stars from Broken Heart Collector, perfect examples of the promised interpenetration of styles. When Didi Bruckmayr and Bernhard Loibner meet the versatile sound creator and destroyer Opcion on the second Thursday and when they play for the first time as a trio, it’s guaranteed to be an evening of heavy-handed house music. Afterwards, Mecanation will try their hand at an improvised interplay of lively electronics and unprocessed sound sculptures. Rounding off are the Striggles, whose advanced monumental noise rock cuts pleasurably to the marrow, brain and heart.

Musikerin / Musiker: Opcion aka Ab Hinc
Musikerin / Musiker: Bernhard Loibner
Musikerin / Musiker: Didi Bruckmayr