Die Rabtaldirndln / Ann Liv Young
One Night Stands 2



Ex-Zollamt / Halle

Part of
One Night Stands

When two artists or artist groups who have never crossed paths before meet to create an evening together, it can lead to all sorts of things – a non-committal Saturday-night flirt, a passionate, mysterious adventure, a fateful affair. The first of these unpredictable couplings involves monochrom and Lord Jim Loge, the legendary male society profoundly entwined with Graz and steirischer herbst which was ironically taken over by monochrom in 2005. Things will be less masculine but not necessarily less direct when Rabtaldirndln meet New York performer Ann Liv Young. The third Saturday is reserved for the landscape artists – RESANITA and atelier le balto who try to find out whether they are on green terms with each other. And finally, hoelb / hoeb meet Herr Manfred, who, in keeping with tradition, will be mixing mind-expanding “Kalashnikovs” on the last evening at the herbst Bar, adding a number of other dangerous consumable substances.

Theatergruppe / Tanzkompanie: Rabtaldirndln
Schauspielerin / Schauspieler: Ann Liv Young