San Keller



Romantik Parkhotel Graz Bar

How do artists think about their work at night, when they lay down in their beds to go to sleep? What thoughts nag them, give them a sleepless night? Is life in the art industry really thoroughly professionalised twenty-four hours a day? Alongside conceiving, organising and communicating projects, is there still time for fundamental, existential thoughts? Or are artists so exhausted by big business that at night they can fall into bed easy minded?

The Swiss artist San Keller, who explores the rituals and pecking orders of the art industry with a deceptive aura of honesty, gives us the opportunity – humorously and yet seriously – to follow his thoughts for one week before he goes to sleep. So lets drink a final glass with him in the hotel bar before he retires to his room, goes to bed and puts out the light. While the loudspeakers in the hotel bar tell us of his thoughts, the impressions of the festival rustling around him still in his mind. Until he falls asleep.

Künstlerin / Künstler / Gruppe: San Keller