Der Pfad zur linken Hand

Topografisches Hörspiel

Event / Action / Happening / Party / Walk / Intervention, Public space


So 2.10., 23.00
ORF Kunstradio Ö1-Radiostück UA
Radio Österreich 1

Dom im Berg, Grazer Stadtgebiet

musikprotokoll 2011

Production specifics
Mit Unterstützung durch die Stiftung Pro Helvetia

The influence of the conservative right wing has been growing for several years now. The overt exclusion of those perceived to be different, people with different national, ethnic or religious roots, appears to have become socially acceptable once more. Populist right-wing polemics, often argued with religion, drowns out the arguments of those trying to research the necessary foundations. “The left-hand path” is a walk-in, acoustic portrait of manners of a society that has let globalised markets and power relations become the basis of its cultural, social and political structures.

Armed with smartphones, headphones and an app specially developed for this project, visitors are invited to go on a walk around the centre of Graz, over which Marcus Maeder has spanned a virtual field of discourse: new paths of thought and argumentation will open during a city walk from the Schlossberg to the Stadtpark.

Autorin / Autor, Text: Marcus Maeder
Komponistin / Komponist: Marcus Maeder
Mitarbeit: Jan Schacher