Elke Krystufek
Für das Glück zuständig



Camera Austria

Production specifics
Koproduktion steirischer herbst & Camera Austria

“At this point I would like to draw the viewers’ attention to the fact that every exhibition announcement is in fact an apology, an adaptation to circumstances and a justification, which is why such a semi-public body again takes up a piece of public space. If you are still reading I am sure you want to know: so what is she showing? Are you familiar with exhibition practice? How should I know what I will be showing in autumn? Don’t you live like a midge all summer long, too, and then along comes the question of what happens in autumn? I realise that you can separate art and life like rubbish, then sort it out and throw away the right eyes, and what you throw away gets recycled.”

Elke Krystufek

Elke Krystufek is ruthless with herself and with her environment, serious, always truthful, and always she demands involvement or contradiction from the viewer. Asking her the question of “strategies for avoiding misfortune” and scrutinising this question as the subject of a contemporary art festival, seems to suggest itself. In view of the complexity of her work and the artist’s desire and courage to not just accept the imprints of collective and individual categories of thought but rather to go against the grain of reality, we cannot a priori expect to answer simple questions with simple truths.

Künstlerin / Künstler / Gruppe: Elke Krystufek