Pure / Erich Berger
mp Konzert 26.9.2006




musikprotokoll 2006

Production specifics
Eine Reihe von steirischem herbst & musikprotokoll 2006

Every musical performance pursues its own strategy - the series of concerts "Double Feature" challenges key figures in the current electronic, experimental music scene in a confrontation with a range of such strategies: in joint performances, the aim is to negotiate aesthetics in a live setting - without losing the closeness to one's own assertion, with the performers providing each other with, expropriating, blending and perhaps sometimes messing up material.

But precisely this risk gives rise to new things thanks to the mutual provision of structures and material - and the listener always wins. For "all impure states, including collage, benefit the viewer" (Brian O'Doherty).

The series opens with Terminalbeach, a label under which Pure and Erich Berger have been collaborating for a few years. Next, Tokyo-based Xenakis and Messiaen student Zbigniew Karkowski with his noise attacks meets digital freestyler Helmut Schäfer. The third evening features the Swedish composer, artist and curator Carl Michael von Hausswolff and the Finnish musician Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) with partly self-made sound equipment. Finally, the usually conceptual US artist Joe Colley is confronted himself with the multi-channel, computer-assisted compositions of Marcus Schmickler.

Musikerin / Musiker: Pure
Musikerin / Musiker: Erich Berger