Follow the Rabbit

Mating Season



Kunsthalle Graz

Parallel Program 2021

Production specifics
Supported by steirischer herbst ’21

How much control do I have over the image I present to the outside world? How much effort do I invest into shaping this image? Can I influence which attributes are ascribed to this image beyond normal patterns of expectation and observation? Can I even control them without opening my mouth? In what system of classification is my body placed before I even start moving? 

Mating Season plays with familiar and unfamiliar images and the gaze of the audience—at least as long as the performer wishes, who operates in an area of tension between eroticism, abstraction, and entertainment. The staged stripping off and putting on of articles of clothing negotiates and reflects the direction of the gaze. Eroticism, control, withdrawal of the gaze: Who is looking at whom? Who is revealing themself to whom? What do I want to show? How should it be seen? The piece focuses on the attempt to control, reinterpret, transcend, and expand the narrative that is associated with the performer’s body—and to play with it.

Performance: Nadja Brachvogel, Victoria Fux, Georg Klüver-Pfandtner
Concept: Nadja Brachvogel and Christina Lederhaas
Development: team
Space and costumes: Georg Klüver-Pfandtner
Director: Christina Lederhaas
Dramaturgy: Victoria Fux
Technician: Lisa Raschhofer