Koka Nikoladze
beat machines

Video installation


MUMUTH (Foyer)

Part of
musikprotokoll 2021

Koka Nikoladze’s (b. 1989) vivid imagination is coupled with masterful craftsmanship. His delightful music machines, which we present in a video installation at MUMUTH, are a testament to this. In addition, audiences can experience Nikoladze as a composer and performer. His musical roots go back to his training as a violinist at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire and his studies of composition with Marco Stroppa, a disciple of Helmut Lachenmann, in Stuttgart.

Nikoladze was never satisfied with conventional solutions: after completing his master’s degree, he worked at the Norwegian Centre for Technology in Music and the Arts. A native of Georgia, he now lives in Oslo and develops concepts for real-time composition and animated notation. He constructs delicate beat machines that look as beautiful as they sound. Nikoladze recently caused a stir with an online campaign: he auctioned off the last chord of a composition, saved on a USB stick. The top bid was $13,900.