Žiga Divjak
Vročina / Fever

Performance / Commissioned work


In English, German, and Slovenian with English, German, and Slovenian surtitles

Orpheum & online

Production specifics
Commissioned by steirischer herbst ’21 and Mladinsko Theater

Produced by Mladinsko Theater in coproduction with steirischer herbst ’21 and MASKA

With the kind support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic Slovenia, Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana, SKICA, and the Municipality of Ljubljana

One of today’s most urgent issues, catastrophic climate change, is the focus of theater maker Žiga Divjak’s latest piece and steirischer herbst's first coproduction with its Slovenian neighbors from Mladinsko Theater.

In this live as well as streamed performance, six actors from Slovenia and Austria stage a public conversation in which they explore the economic reasons for the impending ecological catastrophe. Reducing our personal carbon footprint might relieve our consciences, but it does nothing to help the planet. The only way of saving the environment is by changing society as a whole. The task is to prevent the proverbial ninety-nine percent from suffering as one percent draw ever more profit from ecological meltdown. 

Inspired by the theories of renowned economist Andreas Malm and anthropologist Jason Hickel’s reflections on post-growth economics, the ensemble present theories, draft threat scenarios, and launch activist appeals, oscillating between authentic representations of themselves and complex character sketches and drawing the audience into a tough dialogue about matters that concern us all.

Cast: Damir Avdić, Mina Palada, Draga Potočnjak, Maya Unger, Vito Weis, Gregor Zorc 
Director: Žiga Divjak
Dramaturge: Goran Injac
Text: Žiga Divjak and the cast
Stage designer: Igor Vasiljev
Costume designer: Tina Pavlović
Composer: Blaž Gracar
Subject-matter expert: Andreas Malm
Research assistant: Maja Ava Žiberna
Video transmission consultant / DOP: Vid Hajnšek
Technical manager: Igor Remeta
Stage manager: Gašper Tesner
Executive producer: Tina Dobnik