STUBENrein 2020
#BREAKthecircle Systeme neu denken


Closing performance LAND IN SICH(T) 19.9., 20:00
das ANDERE heimatmuseum / Schloss Lind
St. Marein bei Neumarkt, 8820 Neumarkt in der Steiermark


Production specifics
Based on an idea by Andreas Staudinger/das ANDERE heimatmuseum at the behest of kultur spiel räume
Concept: Gunilla Plank
Curated by Gunilla Plank, Uli Vonbank-Schedler, Andreas Staudinger

Supported by steirischer herbst ’20

In response to the coronavirus crisis, this year’s STUBENrein festival is focusing on process-oriented projects rather than representation and performance. In every town in the Murau district, individuals and/or groups can engage with jointly prepared topics, with open-ended results. The main goal is to confront the various stakeholders with the issues raised by the crisis and its consequences.

It is in the nature of open-ended processes that the type, form, and quantity of results cannot be foreseen. A presentation of the results will therefore be developed step-by-step, accompanying the processes and responding to how they unfold. This is why there are no dates or formats scheduled in advance for STUBENrein 2020, with the exception of the closing event.

In a performative summer action, white chairs will be set up in the fourteen municipalities of Murau at systemically or thematically relevant locations. The respective activities will then be organized around the focal points marked in this fashion. The actors are free to choose their own approaches, forms, and methods. If they so wish, the curators can guide them both in their work and in presenting possible results. 

At the end of the festival, the points of departure, problems, processes, results, etc. will be brought together in a video performance.