ensemble zeitfluss


6.10., 18:30

Joanna Wozny, like little … sunderings
Klaus Lang, die heilige Clara und der schwarze Fisch
Christoph Renhart, Catalogue des Arts et Métiers, premiere

Conductor: Edo Micic

Helmut List Halle

Part of
musikprotokoll 2018

Production specifics
In cooperation with the association die andere saite and ÖGZM – Österreichische Gesellschaft für Zeitgenössische Musik.

For musikprotokoll, ensemble zeitfluss are exploring three contemporary positions. The program includes a premiere of Christoph Renhart, which was only composed in summer 2018. Joanna Wozny’s composition, in turn, deals with the interplays of language and noise. For years now she has been wresting new aspects from this borderline sphere in her predominantly lucid, in a sense economical, but effective compositions. Graz-based composer Klaus Lang, finally, features in this concert with a roughly twenty-minute piece that fits in seamlessly with his series of works with truly wonderful titles. At this year’s musikprotokoll he is performing a relationship drama in disguise: die heilige Clara und der schwarze Fisch (Saint Clare and the black fish). The composer even provides an explanation of the script: “Slowly and deep in thought, Saint Clare walks the long silent corridors of her convent in her clogs. She stumbles slightly over a loose stone floor tile, making a quick, loud noise as her clog hits the ground: A sharp ‘G’ bursts from her lips. Outside in the fish pond the black fish swims round and round unconcerned.” Just as well that the fish cannot hiss a sharp “G.”