Daniel Skoglund & Kathy Hinde


4.10., 18:30

Concept, video: Kathy Hinde
Electronics, software: Daniel Skoglund

esc medien kunst labor

Part of
musikprotokoll 2018

Production specifics
A production of esc medien kunst labor and ORF musikprotokoll. Palimpsest was commissioned by WELD and EMS, Stockholm, 2010. In cooperation with SHAPE – Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe. Sponsored by the European Union’s “Creative Europe” program. Kathy Hinde is SHAPE Artist 2018.

British composer and visual artist Kathy Hinde draws her inspiration from behaviors and phenomena found in nature to create her generative works which combine artificial intelligences with human-animal intuition. Just as living beings are capable of long-term adaptation to their environment, her “open scores” shape the behavior and evolution in her music. In Palimpsest Hinde and Swedish sound artist Daniel Skoglund use a canvas spread out on the floor to create a live drawing. Skoglund’s mobile mechanical graphite sequencers are equipped with pickups which register the lines on the floor, interpreting and translating them into sound. Simultaneously, the resulting sound pulses are used to manipulate Hinde’s video footage. The audiovisual process controls the act of drawing and vice versa, creating a feedback loop and allowing visitors to partake in a performance which gradually blurs the boundaries between actual drawing, video projection, and music. In addition, esc medien kunst labor is organizing a workshop and presenting installation works by Kathy Hinde during and after musikprotokoll.