Sehyung Kim

Concert / Premiere


6.10.19, 7.10.19, 9.10.19, 19:30

Composer: Sehyung Kim
Libretto: Alexander Micheuz
Musical director: Wolfgang Hattinger
Director: Olivier Tambosi
Stage design: Lena Weikhard
Soloists of the University for Music and Performing Arts (KUG): Valentino Blasina, Christoph Gerhardus, and Corina Koller
Instrumentalists from Performance Practice in Contemporary Music (PPCM) of the University for Music and Performing Arts (KUG) with Klangforum Wien

MUMUTH, Haus für Musik und Musiktheater

Part of
musikprotokoll 2019

Production specifics
In cooperation with the University for Music and Performing Arts (KUG)

Born in Kazakhstan in 1987, composer Sehyung Kim takes the audience into the late 21st century. War is raging. The poor are becoming poorer, and the population is decreasing. Recycling is important on different levels. A character who is looking for a lost lover discovers terrible things. People are being held to be used as spare parts for wounded soldiers. Consumniauses various familiar elements from science-fiction dystopias and converges into a short opera that matches the pulse of a precarious present. Director Olivier Tambosi has staged this premiere of the 7th Johann Joseph Fux Competition for Opera Composition, which is held by the Province of Styria and features students of the University for Music and Performing Arts Graz. The production takes place in cooperation with musikprotokoll, under the musical direction of Wolfgang Hattinger.