Liv Schulman
Brown, yellow, white and dead

Video / Commissioned work


4 episodes

Paranoia TV

Production specifics
Commissioned by steirischer herbst '20

Produced by Liv Schulman in co-production with steirischer herbst '20

Two film producers, an artist, and an unemployed actor are making a horror film. Its protagonists are a group of neighbors who retreat to the basement of their building out of sheer enthusiasm for homebrewing and Tupperware, where they bring a monster to life ... Liv Schulman's mini-series revolves around today’s widespread idea of "prosumer" culture, where consumers are not merely passive buyers of goods, but produce or market speciality items themselves. With its cardboard set and its home-made costumes, the horror movie in Schulman’s miniseries, is itself an example of such DIY entrepreneurialism. In work and brainstorming meetings, the male fantasy of perfect consumption gives rise to a giant leech who seduces the women and forces the men to question their sexuality. It becomes clear that some crucial questions are at the center of this home-made mini-series: what are the economics of productions like these? What leads to their appearance, and under which circumstances are they perceived as art?

Line Producer: Visage Productions
Producers: Pauline Ghersi, Quentin Goujout
Directed by Liv Schulman
With: Pauline Ghersi, Quentin Goujout, Nicole Mercey Ortega (Episode 3–4), Guilhem Monceaux, Liv Schulman
Extras (Episode 2): Xavier Cormier, Clara Lemercier, Garance Eva Oliveras, Enzo Pernet

Shooting crew  
Director of photography and camera operator: Ariela Bergman, assisted by Clara Lemercier 
Sound recordist: Marion Leyrahoux
Script boy: Enzo Pernet
Catering: Clara Pasteau 
Technical means: Synaps collectif audiovisuel (special thanks to Florian Debu)

Editing & color-grading: Ariela Bergman, assisted by Clara Lemercier
Sound engineer: Prisco Langlet
Theme song: Fernando Manassero
Credits: Quentin Goujout