Rana Hamadeh
The Destiny Project / The Soft-Measure Fables



3 episodes

Paranoia TV

Production specifics
The Destiny Project / The Soft-Measure Fablesis a work-in-progress by Rana Hamadeh, commissioned by SCHUNCK. The current online version of short clips is commissioned by steirischer herbst ’20.

Coproduced by SCHUNCK and steirischer herbst ’20

With the kind support of Mondriaan Fonds

From dreams to trance to horror, the three segments of Rana Hamadeh’s new video work-in-progress make their own way through Sophocles’ famous tragedy Oedipus Rex. Reminiscent of cut scenes in a computer game, these short 3D sequences do not attempt to rework the old narrative of King Oedipus during the Plague of Thebes, however timely it may be today. Rather, the dream-like short films lead into eerie spaces, visualising the structures, procedures, and dramatic constructs that underlie the tragic plot. Rana Hamadeh translates its networked ball bearings, gears, and placeholders into a virtual space. These phantasmagorical tableaux vivants are accompanied by sound compositions that are best enjoyed with headphones.

Written, directed and composed by Rana Hamadeh
In conversation with: Sara Hamadeh
3D world builder, 3D modeller and animator: Ryan Cherewaty
Second 3D animator: Vasilis Kasselas
Director of photography and video editor: Sara Hamadeh
Camera: Sara Hamadeh & Ryan Cherewaty
Scenography: Rana Hamadeh
Sound designer, editor, and mixer: Jorg Schellekens
Graphic designers: Jungeun Lee & Kay Pisarowitz
Opera Performer: Gerrie de Vries
Recording Sound Engineer: Huub Krom
Recording Studio: Studio OORbit, Amsterdam
”Hydrophone/Lav Recording of 1000 Maggots in sticky wet mud” by Richard Devine, used with permission from the artist
Production Assistant: Isabelle Sully