Thomas Geiger
Money Talks

Performance / Commissioned work


Episode 1: The Psychoanalyst
27.9.20, 15:00
Augarten Art Hotel (Penthouse)
On Paranoia TV starting 3.10.20

Episode 2: The Child
3.10.20, 15:00
Forum Stadtpark (Salon, 1. OG)
On Paranoia TV starting 8.10.20

Episode 3: The Pastoral Theologian
8.10.20, 18:00
Kirche St. Andrä
On Paranoia TV starting 13.10.20

Production specifics
Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ’20

Capitalism is in crisis, and nobody knows this better than capitalism itself. People talk about it a lot behind its back. But it also has redeeming qualities, or so at least it claims. Eager to get out of its present malaise, capitalism becomes a person and seeks out three people who might be of help. It goes to a hotel suite to meet with a prominent Austrian psychoanalyst to discuss its fears and feelings. Shunned and rejected by so many adults, it goes to Volksgarten to find admiration from a child. And, in search of eternal answers, it visits a pastoral theologian in a church. In his three performances for Paranoia TV, Thomas Geiger shows how capitalism would justify itself if it were not a social order but a human being.