Neïl Beloufa & Bad Manner's 1.9

Online game


In English

Paranoia TV

Production specifics

Produced by Bad Manner’s
Coproduced by steirischer herbst ’20 with Kamel Mennour, François Ghebaly, Zero and Mendes Wood DM
Supported by Fondation Pernod-Ricard


Produced by Bad Manner’s with the support of Banff Art Center, La Casa Enscendida, Stroom Den Hagg

Two egocentric doctors compete to find a cure for a mysterious global pandemic. One of them places his coughing wife under quarantine and pretends to abscond to a distant lab, when in fact he spends his days only one floor above with his coworker and lover …. 1.9 is a biting satire on medical (pseudo-)science in the neoliberal information age. Neïl Beloufa already produced the mini-series in 2014, when it was “a pure fiction without correspondence to reality.” Now, its plot hits close to home while its form reacts to the closed museums and proliferating online projects of the last months. Visitors to this special new version of set off on a twisted path through an online game brimful with videos. There are spot quizzes, chats, DIY origami, and much more!

Production team: Louis Beaudemont, Emilie Catalano, Léa Longis
Production manager: Florian Fournier
Press relations: Estelle Carriou
Editor for advertisements: Grégoire Beil
Institutional relations: Marilou Thiébault
Game concepts: Jory Rabinovitz
Website creation: Hugo Bouyssou
Site development: Hugo
Avatars: Ludovic Boulard Le Fur, Hyppolyte Hentgen
Folding Edition Lea Longis
Graphic design: Florian Fournier, Dan Perez
SFX: Nathan Notkin

Director: Neïl Beloufa
Screen writers: Neïl Beloufa, Leo Maret, Jody Rabinovitz
1er assistant to director: Chrystèle Nicot
Sound engineer: Arno Ledoux
DOP: Victor Delwaulle
Set up: Pauline Delwaulle
Special effects: Dan Perez, Camille Charpigny, Tyler Jordan, Elie Derisseau
Chief editor: Ermano Corrado
Assistant editor: Thibault Solinhac
Cast: Jane Mc Donald, Niki Boghossian, Julie Hobson, Jaryd Adair, Rosalind Reid, Timothy Allan, Alex Morisson, Junior Thurston, Rodrigo Castro, Karolina Rychterowitcz Orlowicz, Maria Paz Amaro, Jeremy Pavka, Jeremiah Marsh, Judith Stevens