Das Planetenparty Prinzip

Marching Up
The Third Part of the Civil War Trilogy



24.9., 30.9., 1.10., 20:00
​11.11., 12.11., 13.11., 14.11, 20:00


Parallel Program 2020

Production specifics
In cooperation with Theaterland Steiermark Festival WERKSTATT 2.20 and Forum Stadtpark

Supported by steirischer herbst ’20

A long road lies behind us, a difficult path full of hurdles and dangers. It has not been easy to keep our bearings, but we continue to stride forward, knowing that we can only do so together. We continue to stride forward, so that the masses may follow. Four women, united in will and faith. Together we will find a way out of the crisis. Together we can make the world a better place. Together we are strong. We look at one another, walking hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, with concerted forces. Together—in lockstep, march! Just pick your feet up and keep going!

Marching Up, the third and final part of the Civil War Trilogy, deals with the dichotomy of group versus individual, the desire for synchronicity and lockstep unity as well as the fear of isolation. The performance explores the echoes of the masses in the steps of the individual, investigates the implications of modern mass movements, and analyzes the psychology of the march.

Director: Simon Windisch
Dramaturge: David Wimmer
Producer: David Valentek
With Victoria Fux, Nora Köhler, Miriam Schmid, and Nora Winkler 
Music: Philipp Streicher and Thomas Gsöl
Stage design and costumes: Katharina Wraubek
Technician: Tom Grassegger