Keti Chukhrov / Guram Matskhonashvili
Global Congress of Post-Prostitution

Performance / Commissioned work


20.9.19, 19:00
21.9.19, 21:00


Production specifics
Commissioned and produced by steirischer herbst ’19

Written by philosopher Keti Chukhrov and staged by theater director Guram Matskhonashvili, the play tells the story of a sophisticated congress on “post-prostitutive” sexual-intellectual practices to be held in Zugdidi, Georgia. The inhabitants of the small impoverished post-Soviet town hope to give their lives an upgrade by engaging with the most advanced contemporary theory and inviting its hottest stars for a meeting with local informants. The play follows the weird protagonists of the fictitious “post-prostitutive” field of study—sex experts, social scientists, curators, and sex workers—listening in on their absurdly pretentious philosophizing and their dramatic, even desperate cries for help. The high-flown theories of contemporary culture clash with local post-Soviet interpretations of what post-prostitution might be. Global arrogance tramples local dignity. As the congress unfolds, the action takes a dangerous turn when its characters exploit one another as is only possible in a world where prostitution is everywhere.

Text: Keti Chukhrov
Director: Guram Matskhonashvili
Stage design and choreography: Lana Kavrelishvili 
Assistant director: Lasha Shanidze
Performance: Beka Goderdzishvili, Paata Inauri, Nato Kakhidze, Ketevan Khitiri, Nino Koridze, Irakli Kvergelidze, Nata Murvanidze, and Niara Tchitchinadze
Translation of text fragments from Russian to German: Ainsley Morse