Benjamin Verdonck
One more thing / Gille learns to read / Song for Gigi

Performance, Theater


One more thing
Do 12.10.2017, 15.00 & 17.15
Fr 13.10.2017, 15.00
Sa 14.10.2017, 18.00
Gille learns to read
Do 12.10.2017, 15.45
Fr 13.10.2017, 15.45 & 17.15
Sa 14.10.2017, 18.45
Song for Gigi (Vorpremiere)
Do 12.10.2017, 16.30
Fr 13.10.2017, 16.30
Sa 14.10.2017, 19.30 & 20.15

Festivalzentrum im Palais Attems

Production specifics
Produktion Toneelhuis

Benjamin Verdonck is a great poet of little things. With his three table-theatres he opens up worlds of images that tackle the big questions with touching simplicity.

After “notallwhowanderarelost” in 2014, Benjamin Verdonck returns to steirischer herbst. This time he brings along no fewer than three theatres, all of which fit into the courtyard of Palais Attems. Before just twenty spectators, the Belgian artist creates intimate situations in which his audience watches spellbound with the eyes of a child as Verdonck conjures papercut-style figures, inscribed tablets and folding sceneries on strings, out of little boxes.

Played in succession, each of the three performances lasts no longer then twenty minutes. “One more thing” is inspired by a quotation from the Italian poet Cesare Pavese about the relationship between human beings and nature. A wooden box, curtains and words floating past patches of colour are the protagonists in this piece. In “Gille learns to read”, Verdonck uses a pair of shoes, a quotation from Jean Cocteau and a dead cat to fight his little daughter’s fear of terror. Also, the audience gets to see a pre-premiere version of Verdonck’s latest work, that premieres in 2018. “Song for Gigi” is an elegiac journey through the images of a landscape at different times. In what is a complex, sometimes disturbing world, Benjamin Verdonck uses his miniatures to create an oasis of lucid and yet poetic moments.

Konzept / Idee: Benjamin Verdonck
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Benjamin Verdonck
Musik: My Friend Peter