Stefan Fraunberger
deranged orchestra und Ornamentrauschen



deranged orchestra
Do 05.10.2017, 21.30
Helmut List Halle
Fr 06.10.2017, 22.30
Congress Graz, Foyer

Congress Graz, Foyer, Helmut-List-Halle

musikprotokoll 2017

Production specifics
In Kooperation mit SHAPE – Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in EuropeGefördert durch das Programm „Creative Europe“ der Europäischen Union

Stefan Fraunberger ist SHAPE Artist 2017.

The state of suspension between modernism and culture and its (uncanny) states in the sense of advanced perception are the focal theme of Stefan Fraunberger’s acoustic research.

On an acoustic expedition on the Ganges Plain, Stefan Fraunberger recently found eight shells that were originally retrieved from the deep sea. After sawing off the tips, they were used by Brahman priests as instruments to announce and initiate their rituals. In Fraunberger’s “deranged orchestra”, the eight deep-sea shells become signal horns with which the composer sets out to bring about an “uneven permutation” in human perception in a ritual-style performance. Despite climate change, human beings still see themselves as the measure of all things instead of listening more closely to the rhythms of nature again.

Permutation is also a key notion in “Ornamentrauschen”. With his santur, a Persian dulcimer, the Austrian composer weaves a web of constantly changing sound patterns in which different makam moods run into each other.

Musikerin / Musiker: Stefan Fraunberger
Ensemble / Gruppe / Band: Ensemble Zeitfluss