Karma She


Anschließend Mechatok, DJ (DE)

Festivalzentrum im Palais Attems


Orient and Occident, transcendence and trance are the perfect ingredients for a flamboyant finale of steirischer herbst 2017, when the energy level once again spirals to undreamed-of heights thanks to the bewitching Karma She from Israel and Munich-based DJ Mechatok.

Carmel Michaeli describes her role as Karma She as an oriental witch, staging an interdisciplinary intoxication of the senses set somewhere between rap, futurepop, and dancehall. By merging shamanism, exoticism, feminism, and spirituality with a post-digital aesthetic she creates a powerful magic potion, turning all clichés of Orient and Occident upside down. Surrounded by dancers, beats and costumes Karma She becomes the bewitching star of an extravagant synthesis of the arts which blurs the boundaries between ancient and modern times, obscuring the categories of dream, transcendence and real life and sending the audience into a trance.

This trance is broken by one of today’s most ingenious producers and DJs who is set to round off the festival: with releases by Stockholm-based label Staycore and repeated invitations to the London Bala Club, Timur Tokdemir from Munich achieves what appears to be an impossible balancing act. By fusing elements taken from club, pop, rap, trance and dancehall, Mechatok creates an organic mix of styles, inviting everything and everybody into his musical universe which seems to know no limits.