Dope Saint Jude / Mobilegirl



AnschließendMobilegirl, DJ (DE)Eintritt frei

Festivalzentrum im Palais Attems


Breaking with all categories, two musicians kick off the first weekend of the herbst festival. DJ Mobilegirl translates the secret language of cult rapper Dope Saint Jude into everything that gets the muscles twitching.

Catherine Saint Jude Pretorious refers to herself as a student, gangster, hustler, activist, producer, social worker, party animal, lover, and sister. Before joining a drag performance company and starting her own hip-hop career as Dope Saint Jude a little later, she studied political science at Cape Town University. Against this background, the young rapper deals with the topics of her everyday life in South Africa both expressively and intelligently, opposing racisms and discrimination and cultivating the Gayle slang, the secret language of the South African LGBT scene. A well established icon in South Africa, Dope Saint Jude is now set to captivate local audiences too as she turns social relevance into a party.

Interdisciplinarity also plays a role in the Berghain-tested DJ sets of Mobilegirl. The Berlin artist easily answers the genre question on her Facebook page with seven question marks, and indeed, anything that gets the muscles twitching can happen in her shows, from R’n’B to dancehall, trance and techno. Mobilegirl is part of a new generation of DJs whose musical background transcends any borders of style, putting the sum of their parts in the service of the dance floor with great mastery.

Ensemble / Gruppe / Band: Dope Saint Jude
Musikerin / Musiker: Mobilegirl