Hailu Mergia with Tony Buck & Mike Majkowski / Chris Menist



15.10.2016, ab 21:30
22:00 Hailu Mergia with Tony Buck & Mike Majkowski, live (ET/AU)
Anschließend Chris Menist, DJ (US)

Orpheum Extra

club panamur

A legendary keyboarder from Ethiopia and an archaeologist among DJs conclude the steirischer herbst club series.


Hailu Mergia was a star in the 1970s: As keyboarder of the legendary Walias Band he jammed in the hotels of Addis Ababa with such legends as Duke Ellington and Manu Dibango. Mergia took advantage of a US tour to flee the Mengistu regime in Ethiopia and has since been living as a taxi driver in Washington, D.C. The Awesome Tapes from Africa label is to thank for the revival of Mergia’s unique music, with reissues of the album “Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument” ( 1985 ) and the dizzying-sum-fetching record “Tche Belew” ( 1977 ) which created a furore. Mergia is now back on the road, with exceptional Australian musicians Tony Buck ( The Necks ) on drums and Mike Majkowski on double bass. Mergia’s music is hypnotic, futuristic and nostalgic in equal measure: The trio’s intense concerts are true one-of-a-kind experiences.

Host of the Paradise Bangkok Club nights and percussionist of the Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, American Chris Menist searches through record boxes in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. What he finds features on his compilations curated for labels including “Soundway” and “Finders Keepers”; and as DJ he shares these rare finds. Thus steirischer herbst 2016 comes to a fitting close on the dance floor with psychedelia from Thailand, Pakistani electropop and Yemeni 7-inches.

Musikerin / Musiker: Hailu Mergia
Musikerin / Musiker: Tony Buck
Musikerin / Musiker: Mike Majkowski
Musikerin / Musiker: Chris Menist