Lotic / Kablam / Why Be



30.9.2016, ab 21:30
22:00 Lotic, live (US), Kablam, DJ (SE), Why Be, DJ (DK/KP)

Orpheum Extra

club panamur

Production specifics
In Kooperation mit SHAPE – Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe.

Gefördert durch das Programm „Creative Europe“ der Europäischen UnionKablam ist SHAPE Künstlerin.

The eclectic club sounds of Lotic, Kablam and Why Be not only challenge the boundaries between genres but actively fight against them.

A uniquely heterogeneous and unboundedly adventuresome scene of international DJs and producers of electronic music have gathered in recent years around the Berlin club and label collective Janus. This new Berlin sound is so diverse in its workings and collaborations it is almost impossible to describe it properly. Within a single DJ set you are as likely to hear techno as R’n’B, trance or pop – sometimes even simultaneously. The CD player is seen as an instrument, with as many as four sound sources running in parallel.

The dystopian, even apocalyptic sounds of producer Lotic from Houston, Texas, can be heard on his acclaimed mixtapes and EPs along with remixes for various performers including Icelandic artist Björk. Impartiality is a key characteristic of Swedish artist Kablam: She sees the club as a field of testing, manipulating digital tracks, contrasting a wide range of styles, and thus bringing the different elements and moods together in three dimensions. Korean-born Why Be who grew up in Denmark also creates experimental collages of sound. His sets are hectic, cathartic, uncompromising and, as with Lotic and Kablam, necessarily danceable.

Ensemble / Gruppe / Band: Janus
Musikerin / Musiker: Lotic
Musikerin / Musiker: Kablam
Musikerin / Musiker: Why Be