Julian Hetzel
The Benefactor

Performance / Austrian premiere


2.10.2016, 19:30
In deutscher Sprache

Orpheum Extra

Production specifics

Produktion DasArts, Julian Hetzel

Projektförderer Performing Arts Fund NL

Julian Hetzel donates money, and that is art! He explains his project on hunger and success in an entertaining lecture performance at steirischer herbst.

Development aid as art, how can that work? At the same time Julian Hetzel develops a “Schuldfabrik” for steirischer herbst 2016, he also fulfils his debt to society: For the realisation of “The Benefactor”, he received a project budget of 2,000 Euro from his theatre school DasArts. Since then he has donated one Euro a day to a girl living in poverty in Africa. This autumn, the period of almost five and a half years comes to an end – reason enough for Julian Hetzel to reflect on his life phase as a benefactor through a lecture performance.

The inspiration for Hetzel’s project was a statement by the Dutch politician Frits Bolkestein: “We should not cut the budget for the arts. We should increase it. But first we’ll finance art by cutting development aid!” With his extraordinary donation action, which he describes as a 2,000-day-long intercontinental continuous performance, Julian Hetzel questions this radical proposal and at the same time reverses it.

All those involved have benefitted – including Hetzel himself, who in the meantime has earned far more than 2,000 Euro by giving lectures about his project. A performance about the thin line between life, art and economy and the ethics of success.

Konzept / Idee: Julian Hetzel
Mitarbeit: Siegmar Zacharias
Dramaturgie: Igor Dobricic