Regine Dura / Hans-Werner Kroesinger
United States of Europe – Europa als Standort oder als Idee?

Workshop / Animation, Symposium


Workshop 2 in englischer Sprache

Palais Attems

Part of
herbst-Akademie 2015

Modern-day Europe, that we prefer to see as having been born of the spirit of the French Revolution, came into being in 1950 as a coal and steel union: if you work together, you don’t fight against each other. So the birth of the European Union was induced by economic concerns and a desire for security. Internal borders were abolished for the movement of goods, external borders closed. Is Europe a community of values, and, if so, which values are involved? To whom do they apply? And what kind of role does common cultural heritage play, what role the EU Frontex agency? Director Hans-Werner Kroesinger and dramaturg / documentary film maker Regine Dura examine Europe with the aid of documents. In this workshop, a document is everything that the participants regard as relevant in this context, be it political, philosophical or personal. Material for a later presentation will be developed from the pool of resources.

Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Regine Dura
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Hans-Werner Kroesinger