Das ist nicht meine Geschichte!



Eröffnung 26.9.2015, 19:00

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Koproduktion steirischer herbst &

Historiography is a matter of negotiation, with nationalism or imperialism all too often gaining the upper hand. An exhibition about alternative drafts.

The interpretation of historical events is subject to constant change. The way we assess and estimate the past is above all the result of political and social conditions. The change of regimes can lead to a totally different understanding – or even a completely new definition – of history. Accordingly, like all social agreements, history is a construction that is subject to constant renegotiation and passing down.

The artists critically scrutinise this legacy, unwilling to blindly perpetuate what would seem to be firmly established: “That’s Not My History!” What was formulated in certain circumstances in the past is now being reformulated so as to enable future generations a new interpretation. The works demonstrate that their authors are in opposition to those historiographies defined by nationalism, imperialism, xenophobia or sexism. Here, artists become a civil movement engaged in resistance by means of art.

Kuratorin / Kurator: Anton Lederer
Kuratorin / Kurator: Margarethe Makovec
Künstlerin / Künstler / Gruppe: bankleer
Künstlerin / Künstler / Gruppe: Yevgenia Belorusets
Künstlerin / Künstler / Gruppe: Dante Buu
Künstlerin / Künstler / Gruppe: Kiluanji Henda
Künstlerin / Künstler / Gruppe: Jakob Lena / das_em Knebl
Künstlerin / Künstler / Gruppe: Marina Naprushkina