Dennis Feser

Installation, Film screening, Out of Graz / Premiere


In deutscher Sprache
Sa 27.9., 19.00
So 28.9., 18.00 – 22.00
Union Schützengesellschaft Bad Radkersburg
Sa 4.10. & So 5.10.,
17.00 – 21.00
Kulturzentrum Schloss Wildon
Drehorte Tragöß, Grüner See & Hörndlalm
Dank an Marc-André Schmachtel (Goethe Institut Nigeria), Martin Baasch (Mousonturm Frankfurt), Hochschule RheinMain (Media: Conception and Production), Bettina Habsburg (Universalmuseum Joanneum), Roswitha Orac-Stipperger (Universalmuseum Joanneum), Franz & Michaela Hartner (Hörndlalm), Birgit Illmeyer (Hörndlalm), Nicole Zaiser, Rupert Lehofer & Karin Then

Union Schützengesellschaft Bad Radkersburg, Kulturzentrum Schloss Wildon, Antoniuskirche

Production specifics

Auftragswerk steirischer herbst

Koproduktion steirischer herbst, Goethe-Institut Nigeria & Dennis Feser

Dennis Feser’s video work “Rauhnacht” centres on a fascination for Perchten and their manifestations and deeper meaning. Together with Nigerian performer Jelili Atiku he traces our perception of identity, authenticity and naturalness. According to popular belief, around the Twelfth Night the laws of nature are suspended, and the boundaries to other worlds stand open – animals can speak and predict the future, good and evil spirits roam the land.

Feser works between performance, video and sculpture. A very important feature of his installations is the bizarre costumes he designs, which he sees as body extensions. In this way he conducts a strange and ironic examination into identity patterns and the idea of what is natural. The tradition of the Perchtenlauf, a winter procession of men in scary Perchten costumes, originated in the early 19th century and coincides with the spread of nationalistic ideas in Europe, when the construction of ethnicity played a significant role. This folk custom served to promote identity and was also intended to serve orientation at the time when the year turned.

Shot in Styria, Feser’s installation performance video renegotiates borders: the Alpine masquerade is juxtaposed with West African traditions, the use of masks highlights current fears and alienations. The concept of homeland and constructions of folk identity are infiltrated and exposed to other’s perspective.

Konzept / Idee: Dennis Feser
Schauspielerin / Schauspieler: Jelili Atiku