Georg Nussbaumer
Ein weststeirischer Wasserfall

Event / Action / Happening / Party / Walk / Intervention, Concert, Out of Graz, Public space / Premiere


7 Chöre auf Reisen
Sa 11.10. & So 12.10., 13.00
Schlossplatz Stainz
Konzert mit 7 Chören
Sa 11.10. & So 12.10., 16.30

Schlossplatz Stainz, Pfarrkirche Stainz

Production specifics

Auftragswerk steirischer herbst

Nightlinesponsor Holding Graz

Projektsponsor Raiffaisenbank Lieboch-Stainz

Dank an alle Ermöglicher von Wasserstellen & Robert Schwarz (feelrecordings)

Weird machines, videos and even live animals – the composer and installation artist Georg Nussbaumer spares no efforts to address all of our senses with his vibrant, space-embracing acoustic artworks. The Austrian composer has structured “Ein weststeirischer Wasserfall” as another complex work of sound and hearing that – linking tradition with the present – casts a glance into the future.

For the first part of the event, seven Styrian choirs join the audience to embark on a coach trip from their respective home towns to Stainz. During the various stops at places where water flows – at the village fountain, streams and ponds – the choirs perform Nussbaumer’s composition: a long sound floating through the afternoon, continuously changing, rising and falling, branching out – with echoes of traditional folk and choir song celebrating water, that precious common property. The singers are also equipped with water bottles that serve as instruments, tuned anew at each body of water.

In 2006, when his project “Gravitational field with air impressions” kicked off the steirischer herbst festival, countless objects rained down from the ceiling for this airy composition. For “Barkarola”, six grand pianos roamed around the Polish town of ?ódz' for six weeks, while “Invisible Siegfrieds Marching Sunset Boulevard” in Los Angeles turned into a four-day, thirty-two-kilometre–long opera passage. This time, a resounding and whistling “bottle organ” draws near, to be received by Vocalforum Graz at the end of the afternoon in Stainz’s parish church, later flooding the sacred building with a concerted wave of voices in the second part of the event.

The first part of the event is a bus trip from Schlossplatz Stainz to the choir’s home town, followed by a joint choral walk, lasting several hours, back to Pfarrkiche Stainz, with various stops along the way. The group will walk some short stretches. Vocalforum Graz will be singing at Pfarrkiche Stainz at 13.00. Individual tickets are available for this part of the event. The concert with 7 choirs at 16.30 at Pfarrkiche Stainz is included.

Komponistin / Komponist: Georg Nussbaumer
Regie: Georg Nussbaumer
Musikalische Leitung: Franz Herzog
Chor: Gesangsverein Deutschlandsberg
Choreinstudierung: Annemarie Zechner
Chor: MGV Bad Gams-Frauental
Choreinstudierung: Harald Schaut
Chor: Vocalforum Graz
Choreinstudierung: Franz Herzog
Chor: Chorgemeinschaft Stainz
Choreinstudierung: Julia Fenninger
Chor: Singkreis Stainztal
Choreinstudierung: Franz Ganster
Chor: Singkreis St. Stefan ob Stainz
Choreinstudierung: Leonhard Stampler
Chor: Gesangverein Wettmannstätten
Choreinstudierung: Elisabeth Leitner