Supersterz + .tmp architekten
Fortress of Backyards


herbstbar / Festival Center, Architectural intervention


Fahrradküche / Verein DruckZeug
Werkstatt im Fortress of Backyards
Forms of Distancing
Altes Revier: Live
Black Cracker / UMA / Easter
Altes Revier: DJs
SpatzHabibi / No Fear of Pop / Rafael Aragon

Festivalzentrum Paulustorgasse

Production specifics
Auftragswerk steirischer herbst


Industriellenvereinigung Steiermark,

Gaulhofer Industrieholding & XAL

Every year, the steirischer herbst festival centre is a central space shared by everyone. A place for encounter, exchange and celebration. This year the festival centre is moving into the baroque Palais Wildenstein. In keeping with the central leitmotif “I prefer not to ... share!”, walls will be put up to redivide the terrain and imbue the former police station with life. Not only will there be a restaurant, a bar with DJ acts and live concerts, the herbst exhibition will also be taking place there – while the backyard will be a venue for sharing private knowledge and cherished tools, utensils, and a garage and thus for building new, unusual neighbourhoods. In addition, just opposite, is the Heimatsaal in the Volkskundemuseum and Antoniuskirche, central venues of the steirischer herbst festival 2014.

The backyard is the main theme of the temporary architecture created by supersterz + .tmp architekten. A covert of petit bourgeois nature, a last refuge for free spirits, and a place to flee from everyday life, it creates an arena for personal activities and rituals. It is home to all those things that are too intimate to share – peculiar craftsmanship, shady botching, and creative bricolage. All sorts of found items that you usually come across in sheds or in warehouses will be used as furniture.

In this backyard paradise with the appeal of a ready-made, no difference is made between actors and consumers – the boundaries of and power over this territory are becoming blurred.

Künstlerin / Künstler / Gruppe: Supersterz
Künstlerin / Künstler / Gruppe: Tobias Brown
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Künstlerin / Künstler / Gruppe: Johannes Paar
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