Valery Alzaga / Florian Schneider
Freethought III: Creative strike

Hosted by Valery Alzaga (MEX) and Florian Schneider (D)




Camp: Black Cube

Truth is concrete

“Freethought” is an open platform of education and production devoted to the movement of ideas and practices in and out of dedicated institutions, unframing these from the disciplines, protocols and methodologies that conventionally contain them. The work of “Freethought” comes about through generative critical work that is not a form of protest, but rather a radical restructuring of existent disciplinary, economic and academic boundaries. The “Freethought” initiative comes at a moment of new coalitions between civic institutions, innovative research modes based in practice and engagement and new political actors emerging from within grass roots movements.

The three panels discuss the emergent subjectivities and radical possibilities at the intersection of art, pedagogy and political economy in the current wave of crisis of capitalism.

“Creative strike” is a thought experiment: to connect certain experiences in networked activism and to make an attempt to apply them to current challenges. The question is: Is the so called creative class – whoever is considered as such – actually able to go on strike? What would happen if one refuses one’s creativity to the art and cultural establishment for a certain period of time – instead of continuing to moan about precarious working conditions while still glomming onto the same conditions?

How can a strike be done to show new forms of creativity by refusing the common division of labour and the usual work process? With these new forms of creativity being not just busy with themselves, but actually noticed?

Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Valery Alzaga
Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Florian Schneider