Joanna Warsza
Art and crime. Legally on the edge

Hosted by Joanna Warsza (PL)

Lecture, Event / Action / Happening / Party / Walk / Intervention


Hosted by Joanna Warsza (PL)
With ArtLeaks, Jakob Braeuer (D), Nikolai Klimeniouk (RUS/UA), Dimitry Vilensky / Chto Delat (RUS), Hans Winkler (D) & WochenKlausur (A)

Camp: Black Cube

Truth is concrete

Since 1969, the Belgian writer and satirist Noël Godin has attacked well known people with cream pies: Jean-Luc Godard, Nicolas Sarkozy and Bill Gates have been among his victims. In the US, one can be sentenced for cream pie throwing for up to six months, but Godin was proclaimed innocent, as he was aligned with the surrealist tradition.

On September 30, 2004 a car accident by a Polish and a German vehicle in the middle of the Polish-German border disturbed traffic for some hours. The crash happened at the very place where it is impossible to determine which legislation should apply. The accident was arranged by the artist Hans Winkler, testing the boundaries between art and criminality.

The block of short lectures and interventions will look upon art, which is legally on the edge, which dares to enter the area of the forbidden to make political or social use of it. Based on case studies – such as the show trial of Pussy Riot in Moscow or revisiting the action “Immigrant Labour Issues” of WochenKlausur at steirischer herbst 1995 – it tries to answer what is the nature of the conflict between “immunity” of art and the concrete truths of the paragraphs. How to create the grey zones, which make art enable what otherwise is illegal? And how the normative can be re-negotiated with the help of the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression and freedom of art?

Mitwirkende / Mitwirkender: Joanna Warsza
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